Thursday, February 3, 2011

100 Days... Beth Moore

If I could trade places with someone for a day, it would be Beth Moore. How does a woman lead so many other women and still manage a family? How does she stay so strong in the Word of God that she does not falter? What does she do in her own time with God? I ask these questions as I watch her in Bible studies. I think it would be amazing to see her life from the inside; to see what preparation and life lessons lead up to the moment she stands on a stage and speaks to thousands of women.

She has impacted me greatly and I know she has done the same for many other people. I hope to be as genuine, secure, and truly beautiful as she is!

A Week of Short Styles: #6

Almost done with the week already and I am thinking of so many more options! For today I styled my hair curly but blew out the bangs. They're a little long so I sweep them to the side. It's the same as the Day 3 curly style, but I pull the wet hair back while I blow dry the bangs, then let the curls air dry with product in them.

I added a flower for interest.

A Week of Short Styles: #5

When my hair was long, I could simulate this exact same style by tying up my hair into a knot at the back and pulling tendrils down around the front. Now it's easier -- no tying necessary! I style my hair curly like in Day 3, then pin it back with bobby pins toward the back of the head. I pull down hair around the temples and scrunch the back of the hair above the neckline. It's a very feminine style that is nice when you have short hair.

A Week of Short Styles: #4

It takes a little more work to do a straight style on naturally curly hair, because the hair has to be partially dry to get it to straighten well in a timely fashion. I put on the same Garnier products I usually use, but let my hair air dry a little before blow drying it with a round brush, flipping the ends out. I had the straightener ready to smooth the wayward strands and keep the flips consistent. Below is the result.

A Week of Short Styles: #3

Today's a curly day -- low maintenance. For this style I combed my hair through and added some Garnier Fructis smoothing cream, then dried it some more with a towel before scrunching. I pinned the bangs back today as well. The first picture is the dry hair scrunched and sprayed with Garnier gel, then let to air dry.

Same style, tucked behind the ears.