Monday, January 24, 2011

100 Days... Fifteen Things

With a conglomeration of ideas, recipes, projects and thoughts on here, this little thing I've seen friends doing on Facebook looked like fun.


1. I can read and write Latin, but not speak it.
2. I love pearls.
3. I am very smell oriented... the way to my heart is through cologne.
4. I have the best siblings I could ever ask for.
5. My parents are my greatest advisors.
6. I love lipstick and heels. A real girly girl.
7. I also love to go without makeup and watch baseball -- even on TV.
8. I read a cookbook before bed.
9. I've dyed my hair more times than I can count, starting from age 13.
10. I work at a newspaper, and I love to write; but I'm horrible at writing news.
11. I had my bunions removed at age 14.
12. I'm a runner.
13. Most of my brand-name clothes are second hand.
14. I am a recovering coffee addict.
15. I hope to know Jesus Christ better tomorrow than I do today.

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