Friday, January 28, 2011

The Project Takes a Turn

As I continue work on the Project, it has developed into a much broader scheme than first anticipated. The original goal was a group for girls bent on rounding them out socially, mentally, physically, and spiritually with activities and experiences that would help them transition to adulthood.

As I have looked around, however, I have seen quite a few girls' groups that are accomplishing those same things. Not exactly the same, mind you, as my sister and I have in mind (the curriculum is still in progress, but close enough that I needed to branch out in my mind and attempt to find some need that was yet undiscovered and unfulfilled.

I think I found it.

I've been thinking about it a lot over the last few days and talked with Dad last night about it. I'm not going to give it away -- but it has to do with college. Revealing, I know.

But let me say this much: how many of you are or were college students frustrated by the agendas of universities? Have you ever gone through the transfer process and lost a semester of credit? Or received credit only to have a year tacked on for your 'program'?

I wonder if many students know that they don't have to do college the normal way.

Or that they don't have to go to college at all.

Or that there are very specific things they can do in high school to knock college grads' resumes off the hiring manager's desk.

That's what I want to talk about, and that may be what God provides. I received an email just the other day from the director of the largest home school conference in Michigan, INCH, responding to an email I sent a long time ago concerning Project 31 (the first edition). She said they may be interested in me returning to the conference this year to do one or TWO workshops! What a timely blessing!

I emailed her the topics and await the result. Meanwhile... I need to get this show on the road....

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