Sunday, January 30, 2011

100 Days... My Favorite Memory

I don't have a favorite memory; I have a multitude of moments that I remember, and I certainly couldn't pick just one. So I'll pick three, from three different phases of my life.

The first and foremost has to be with my family, since I have been with them the longest. Most of my memories were made with them, and those will stay with me the longest as I continue to make more by their side. The picture below captures my two oldest sisters with me on a beach here in Michigan. The rest of the family was there too. This is a favorite because since we were all little the Michigan beaches have held a lot of memories for all of us; camping, walking, hiking up dunes, running on them in the icy winter, and enjoying them in the summer sun.

The next favorite is from my year at Liberty University, where I met my best friend Adrienne and made some other wonderful friends in my peers and professors. I will never forget that year; so much of it developed who I am as a person today and I believe, who I will be in the future. Most of all though, I loved the mountains in Virginia. The picture below was on the last hike I took to Devil's Marbleyard with my friend Andrew.

And finally, after my year in Lynchburg I made the trek out West to New Mexico, where I spent the summer working as a wrangler. More mountains! I made a lot of great friends and memories there as well. There was something about the empty landscape of the mesas that appealed to me, just as the forested landscape of VA did as well. The picture below was taken as Mom and I neared Glorieta, in the very bottom of the Rocky Mountain Range.

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