Saturday, January 22, 2011

In Progress

I'm contemplating switching everything over to this blog. After three years on A Quill and Inkwell, Project 31 is where my heart is at -- partly because of its broad range of potential, but also because Inkwell can't really be taken any further than the purpose it has already served.

Project 31 hasn't had a whole lot of tangible progress thus far, however. After quitting my second job to devote time to it, I find myself instead baking pies in the evening just to eat them (this project is bad for my waistline as well).

Originally, the project was meant to be a girls' group, modeled in similarity to Girl Scouts and Sarah Mally's Brite Lites group. But because of time crunches, I am thinking of taking it another route -- one less demanding of my self and my sisters' time (who were involved in the project with me).

The Lord has been laying on my heart for the last few months an idea that really resonates with my desire to see young women fulfilled and using their talents to glorify God with joy. It's a completely new direction than I have taught in the past, one that I do not feel qualified to teach and probably am not. BUT - I can learn!

How do I combine what I love to do - cook, teach, speak, write, garden - with what real life calls for - financial responsibility, wisdom, career decisions, college choices? Can it all fit together somehow?

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