Saturday, January 29, 2011


I sent off an email to the INCH conference with hopes and prayers, awaiting the answer of the director to tell me if, and what, I would be speaking at the conference. My last experience there is one I will never forget. It was such a blessing to be surrounded by so many Christian families with godly daughters and sons! To go back in itself is an honor.

I received the email this morning. I rubbed my sleepy eyes (I had slept in again on a Saturday... one of these days I'll actually get up...) and read it again.


All three of these topics sound awesome! I think they will all address real needs and issues homeschool teens, grads, and their families are facing. Would you be willing to offer all three of them at INCH this year?"

I danced around the room a little, then bolted upstairs to tell my parents.

What an unexpected surprise! (I guess that's the definition of a surprise, isn't it?) I can't tell the topic names or content yet... but let me say: my work is now cut out for me.

The Lord works in such sweet ways; he knew that at this point in my life I really need something to work towards outside of the workplace. I love my job more than any other I have ever worked, and have the best coworkers I could ask for. At home, however, I need to have something to do besides cook and snowshoe. Something to work on.

My book on contentment has been my focus for the last months, but I needed something more definitive. God has blessed me greatly. He is so faithful!

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